Customise / Personalise Photo Book

Special memories deserve the right setting. Our photo books are a great way to display your photo memories so you can enjoy them for many years to come. An attractive layout and design is automatically created by our specially designed software for you.  You do not need to worry about creating your own photo books that your friends and family will love.  If you have your own design or layout, you can present it the way you want them to be too.

Photo books are also the perfect way of connecting with distant relatives. Ideal for grandparents, give them a gift they will treasure with a photo book filled with photographs of the family. Share family events such as a holiday, graduation, birthday or first day of school or simply your favourite snaps.

If you own a business, display your company's progress or highlight your success with your photo book. Add photos of completed projects or include screen shots of website development or building expansions. Create a fun keepsake of an employee party or event. Simply choose any of the photo books that suits your needs and pick your favourite photos and send to us!

Small Photo Book

Price: 29.90 SGD
No. of pictures required: 9 to 30. Size: 4R Landscape, 10 pages.

Medium Photo Book

Price: 39.90 SGD
No. of pictures required: 19 to 60. Size: 4R Landscape, 20 pages.

Big Photo Book

Price: 49.90 SGD
No. of pictures required: 19 to 85. Size: 6R Portrait, 20 pages.