Customise / Personalise Unique Items

Aluminium CD Case

Price: 19.90 SGD
Holds 6 CDs, Best for keeping wedding memories

Card Sticker

Price: 9.90 SGD
Size: 8.5cm X 5.5cm Glossy finish


Price: 29.90 SGD
Wind-Proof lighter with 2 sides printing, require 2 pictures.

Cigarette Box with Lighter

Price: 39.90 SGD

White Tie

Price: 29.90 SGD

Rubix Cube

Price: 49.90 SGD
Require 6 pictures, 6 sided, size: 5.5cm X 5.5cm

Foam Post Cards

Price: 9.90 SGD

Mini Night Light

Price: 19.90 SGD

Single Figurine

Price: 150.00 SGD

Couple Figurine

Price: 280.00 SGD